The 4x4 Model

The 4ft x 4ft Movable Garden Box provides the gardener with 16 square feet of gardening space. The 4x4 Model has 5 optional inner bins with handles. The bins can be easier removed from the box by flipping down the front door and sliding out each box one at a time. With the boxes removed, the box is lighter and easier to move around. In this photo, the 4x4 Model has two stationary 10 inch inflatable wheels. The two wheels allow the box to be moved around "wheelbarrow style." If you do not plan on moving your garden, this model can be built with no inner bins and with legs instead of wheels.

The 4x4 Movable Garden is quite large and very heavy when all five inner bins are filled with soil. We recommend this model only if you don't plan on moving it often. The 3x3 and 3x4 models are much easier to move.

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