The 3x3 Model

Hello gardeners! We are proud to introduce our 3-foot by 3-foot Movable Garden Box. With 9 square feet of gardening space, this box is a manageable garden that fits on a variety of small spaces. The maximum height is 36 inches. This garden has four inflatable rubber wheels (two fixed and two swivel) for easy mobility on your deck, driveway, or yard. This model also has a polycarbonate greenhouse lid that opens to different heights.

Should you opt not to move your garden, the 3x3 Model can also be built with legs instead of wheels. The polycarbonate lid is also optional.

The tops of our boxes are built at a slope, angling the polycarbonate for optimal sunlight absorption. The interior depth of the 3x3 box goes from 11 inches at the front to 14.5 inches at the rear. Filled with six inches of soil and with the lid fully closed, the plants have about 5 inches of upward growing space before they hit the lid. As your plants grow taller, it is less likely that one will need to keep the lid fully closed.

Should you fill this box with 6 inches of soil, plan on acquiring about 3.4 cubic feet of soil. Depending on the moisture content of top soil, 3.4 cubic feet can weigh between 255-340 pounds. Should you decide to fill the box with 9 inches of soil, plan on buying about 5.1 cubic feet of soil, which can weigh between 389-517 pounds. Mixing peat moss, compost, or vermiculite into the top soil will significantly lessen the weight. The box filled with soil may sound heavy, but the 4 inflatable rubber wheels make moving the box a cinch!

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