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Greenovision Movable Gardens are durable, wooden planter boxes ON WHEELS! Built with insect and rot resistant cedar and mounted on inflatable rubber wheels, our gardens can be easily moved around to chase the sun or wheeled inside your garage on a cold night. If you cannot grow an in-ground garden, Greenovision Movable Gardens provide a practical and affordable gardening option for renters, townhouse or condo owners, city folk, and others with no land to dig in. With a Movable Garden, you can grow vegetables or flowers in a variety of small spaces: decks and patios, driveways, alleys, etc.

Built to be waist-height, you no longer need to bend down to work in your garden; this is a great gardening solution for older people or those with mobility issues. Also, growing an off-the-ground garden prevents rabbits, dogs, and other cute critters from meddling with your plants.

The twin-cell polycarbonate (greenhouse plastic) lid allows you to also use your Movable Garden as a cold frame or mini-greenhouse. During the day, the polycarbonate lid amplifies the Sun's energy to increase the soil temperature. This allows for better seed germination and seedling growth. At night, the lid helps trap the heat inside the box and acts as a frost barrier. In colder climates, a Movable Garden can help extend your growing season by several months.

We have designed our Movable Gardens to last and they are available in four different sizes. Our typical size range is from 3ft to 4ft long and 3ft to 4ft wide. Why these sizes? Because a box filled with wet soil is very heavy! In addition, the polycarbonate lid is limited to these sizes.

We have made our detailed plans and directions available on Etsy so you can build your very own Movable Garden. 
To purchase plans to build your own Movable Garden no matter where you live, visit our Etsy Page.

Since we build with real durable lumber, our Movable Gardens are too heavy and expensive to ship out of state. 

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  1. These are so cool! Perfect for city gardening. I could see just rolling them into the garage on those cold nights. Beautifully built too. The trays are great for moving for emergency transplants! Love the idea.