Start your seedlings in a Movable Garden

Gardening season is just around the corner-- time to start your seedlings in a Greenovision Movable Garden.

How have you usually started your seedlings? Many people start their seeds indoors, balancing trays of soil precariously on their windowsills. This method is often annoying because the trays take up space and you must be protected from curious pets. When seedlings grow bigger, many people "harden them off" by carrying the trays outdoors for a while then back in. Carrying plants inside and out every day is often a tedious process.

Starting your seeds in Movable Garden simplifies the seed-starting process. Seeds can be sown indoors in a cedar bin, similarly to how you usually start seeds in a plastic tray. Place the bin in a warm, sunny location and keep a towel, piece of cardboard, or other type of liner under the bin to contain any water that may drain. Once the outdoor temperatures are warm enough, you can carry the bin outside and place it inside the Movable Garden during the day. The polycarbonate plastic lid heats the interior of the garden, creating a mini-greenhouse effect. At the end of the day when the temperatures drop, the bin can be carried indoors where it's warmer or the entire Movable Garden can be wheeled inside a warm garage or shed. Once your seedlings are ready to be transplanted into your garden, the bin can be easily carried around your working spots.

Most folks in Montana have plenty of space for growing large gardens and don't understand the benefits of having a small Movable Garden. Using a Movable Garden for as a mini-greenhouse starting seedlings alone can be a huge asset to the larger-scale gardener. Three cedar "inner bins" fit inside the 3x4 Movable Garden. If you have a lot of seeds to start, three bins can accommodate a lot of seedlings!

Let's get planting! Please email us at with any questions or to purchase a hand-crafted Movable Garden.

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