Happy Tomato Seedlings on a Snowy Day

As a follow-up to our suggestion for starting seedlings in a Movable Garden, I thought I'd share how my happy my tomato seedlings are this April 7, a day after a Spring Rocky Mountain snowstorm. I started my tomato seedlings indoors in late January and have kept them inside overnight and on cold, cloudy days. On most days, however, I carry them outside and they stay nice and cozy in our personal Movable Garden. Keeping them outside not only frees up my window sill space for starting other seedlings, but also exposes my tomatoes to more direct sunlight. This morning it was 43 degrees F and partly cloudy. As you can see, there are still several inches of snow leftover fro the storm. Despite the cooler temperature, the inside of the Movable Garden was 75 degrees F; about 30 degrees warmer than the outside air temperature! The garden stayed this warm with the polycarbonate lid fully closed, but as the afternoon warmed up, I was sure to prop open the lid a bit so that the interior would not overheat. The tomato seedlings are growing very well and I've saved money by starting them myself rather than purchasing them from a greenhouse.

Also, I started spinach and radish seeds about a week ago in the Movable Garden. These were planted in our hand-crafted inner bins that are filled with dirt. They have stayed outdoors in the Movable Garden day and night; with the lid usually propped open a bit during the day and closed at night. The spinach and radish seedlings were protected from the snowstorm and have definitely gotten a jump start on the growing season.

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