Why Movable?

Why do we build our boxes with the option to be movable? Good question! Here are a few reasons why:

-During the early growing season, there are days and nights when it is better that your plants are moved inside a garage or shed due to the ridiculously low (and unpredictable) Montana temperatures. This keeps your soil and plants warmer, allowing you to get a jump on Montana's short growing season.

-The grower can chase the sun, moving the box around throughout the day to ensure that the plants get the most sunlight as possible. This is especially important in the Spring when the angle of the sun is still low. One can move the box out of shadows cast by buildings, trees, vehicles, etc.

-During the heat and high sun of the Summer, Greenovision Movable Gardens can be moved into shady or cooler areas to protect heat-sensitive plants. Lettuces, radishes, and other greens actually prefer cooler temperatures. A Movable Garden allows you to find the best miro-climate for the specific plants you're growing.

-Many gardeners do not have the option to grow an in-ground garden. Our Movable Garden Boxes provide a practical and affordable gardening option for renters, townhouse or condo owners, and others with no land to dig in. With a Movable Garden, one can now grow a garden in a variety of small spaces: decks and patios, driveways, alleys, and etc.

Why Waist-Height?

Why are our Movable Garden Boxes off-the-ground and waist-height? Here are a few reasons why:

-Our Movable Gardens eliminate bending down to work in garden. No more muddy knees or boots! Our gardens are easily accessible by older people or those with mobility issues. Plus, having a waist-height garden makes it fast and easy to pick your veggies or do some quick weeding.

-Don't care to share? Growing an off-the-ground garden prevents rabbits, gofers, or other cute critters from helping themselves to your harvest. (Right image: Look for the bunny hiding under Mark and Emily's Movable Garden. This rabbit won't be eating our veggies).

- No pee for me! A Movable Garden Box is too high for any neighborhood dogs that may mistake the garden for a fire hydrant.

-Many gardeners do not have the option to grow an in-ground garden; this includes renters, townhouse and condo owners, those in dense urban settings, etc. A Movable Garden can fit onto a variety of different small spaces, solving many gardening dilemmas.

What's up with the polycarbonate lid?

-The 8mm twin-cell polycarbonate (greenhouse glazing) lid allows you to also use your Movable Garden as a cold frame or mini-greennhouse. This type of plastic has insulative properties due to captured air space inside its cells.

-During the day, the polycarbonate lid amplifies the Sun's energy to increase the soil temperature. This allows for better seed germination and seedling growth, which is important during the spring when the Sun angle is still low.

-At night, the lid helps trap the heat inside the box and acts as a frost barrier. In colder climates, a Movable Garden can help extend your growing season by several months.

Why wood and not plastic?

Some people have been asking us why we build our Movable Garden Boxes out of natural cedar. Why not just just purchase a conventional plastic growing container? This is a great question. Here are a few reasons why we build with wood and not plastic:

-More and more studies show that chemicals in plastic are harmful to our health. The toxins in plastic can leach into garden soil and be absorbed by the plants. Even if you grow in organic soil and without pesticides, it is arguable whether food grown in plastic is actually "organic." Our Movable Garden Boxes are built out of natural, untreated cedar and are a healthy alternative to plastic containers.

-Plastic is derived from oil, which is a nonrenewable material. At Greenovision, we aim to reduce our dependency on oil by building with renewable materials (i.e. trees!). By growing in one of our Movable Garden Boxes, you are making a conscious effort to support your local woodworkers and not the big oil companies, thus minimizing your carbon footprint.

-But isn't the polycarbonate lid made from plastic? Yes, this is true, but the plants are not directly exposed to the polycarbonate. The lid is durable, lasts a long time, and its function is to increase the productivity of your garden. By using a polycarbonate greenhouse lid, a gardener can start growing early in Spring and continue growing into late Fall. Using plastic may seem contradictory to Greenovision's motto, but growing more vegetables at home is an important pay-off.

-Our boxes are durable and attractive. For those who choose not to have cheap, flimsy plastic container gardens, our Movable Gardens are the perfect alternative. The boxes are a beautiful addition to your deck, patio, driveway, or yard.

Why Natural Cedar?

Why do we build with natural cedar and not pressure-treated lumber?

Pressure treated lumber is less expensive and lasts a bit longer than natural, untreated cedar. In Bozeman, we have noticed many backyard raised garden beds made with pressure-treated lumber. Although we praise backyard gardening, our Mobile Gardens are not made with pressure-treated lumber. ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) Lumber, the pressure-treated lumber commonly found in Montana, contains high concentrations of copper. Although the EPA deems ACQ lumber to be non-toxic, we at Greenovision are skeptical of food grown in chemically-treated lumber. We build our boxes with 100% organic cedar so you don't have to worry about the safety of your vegetables.

Do you ship your Movable Gardens out of state?

We've gotten a great public response to our Movable Gardens and regularly get inquiries from around the U.S. about shipping our Movable Gardens out of state. We at Greenovision really appreciate your comments and support and would love to be able to ship you a Movable Garden, however, we've found that shipping rates are just too expensive for most folks. Because our Movable Gardens are hand-built from real lumber rather than lighter (and questionable) materials such as plastic or particle board, the weight of the wood makes our Movable Gardens too heavy and expensive to ship. Sorry!