Garden Updates

Emily's Garden Update #1

I (Emily) tend to my own 4x4 Movable Garden. Mark and I are renters and do not have access to enough lawn/space to grow our own in-ground garden. The Movable Garden is an excellent solution to our gardening dilemma; 16 square feet surprisingly is a lot of space.

Unfortunately I got a bit of a late start this year, but today I finally filled the inner boxes with soil and planted some cold-hardy seeds (radishes, salad greens, scallions, nasturtium, and cilantro). I did not cover all of the soil with seeds, as I want to spread out my harvesting by planting more seeds every couple of weeks (succession gardening). Soon I will also plant bush beans, basil, parsley, and catnip. Most vegetables only require 6 inches of soil, so the inner bins are a good depth for everything that I've planted.

This box is a perfect kitchen garden for us. I'm looking forward to this Summer when I can simply walk down our stairs and pick salad veggies. Yum... fresh salads made with lettuce, radish, bush bean, scallions, and herbs. Oh, and tomatoes, too! I will also be growing two tomato plants in one of our 2x2 Tomato Boxes. The cilantro, scallion, and tomatoes can also be made to make fresh salsa. I usually make a batch of fresh salsa every week and I'm eager to actually use my own produce this Summer.

The garden is quite convenient because its located at the bottom of our stairs. Every time I go in or out of our apartment, I can easily peek into the garden and check out its status. I should mention too that my box smells amazing. Cedar is so fresh and zesty smelling.

Emily's Garden Update #2

A quick garden update today.The lettuce and radish seeds popped up on 5/20. This photo of seedlings is from 5/23. We have had heavy frost ever night and some snow during the day. The neighborhood rabbits have been very frisky lately and I've had a lot of fun watching them. I've noticed them hanging out under the Garden Box. I bet they wish they could nibble on my tasty little seedlings.

Emily's Garden Update #3

Here is a photo of lettuce and radish on 5/26. They are even bigger today! Today, 5/28, it is raining and 50 degrees. It has been raining off and on all week with some sun, but mostly cloudy. Today I planted bush beans, catnip, and more lettuce. Also, I transplanted in the two basil, which had been started indoors about a week and a half ago.

Emily's Garden Update #4

Happy Veggies! The plants in my Movable Garden are really starting to grow now. Today I pulled up 8 radishes. Mark and I ate them along with their tender, tangy stems and leaves in our dinner salad. Its hard to see all of the veggies in this photo, but the lettuce and cilantro have grown a lot in the last week. My six basil are beginning to grow their second sets of leaves and the one red cabbage is starting to look like a cabbage. When I was first planting the garden a while ago, I thought I'd test some old bush bean, scallion, and chive seeds. These seeds turned out to be duds, so I replanted fresh bush beans this past week... hence the vacant spots in my garden.

The plants in my Movable Garden are significantly bigger and healthier than the plants in my community garden plot. The community garden plants seem stunted; its rather discouraging. The polycarbonate lid keeps my Mobile Garden warmer during the day and night, however, my community garden is not covered and has been directly exposed to the cloudy, wet days and chilly nights that we've been having for a while now. In order to ensure that my community plot is productive this season, I may need to invest in some row cover and build some quick hoops.

What we all in Montana would like to see now is some real SUN!

Hail Storm!

The Bozeman area was hit by a severe hail storm yesterday evening. We could hear the storm coming from a mile away; it sounded like a freight train or a huge herd of bison stampeding our way. We had time to put away out tools and close the lid to our movable garden, but did not have time to wheel the tomatoes into the garage...

The storm was frightening. Golf ball-sized chucks of solid ice whipped down from the sky. Although we were safe indoors, we feared that our windows would be busted in. After the storm passed, we ventured outside to assess the damage. One of the two tomatoes was demolished. The top and most of the limbs were cut off and the plant will most likely die. The second tomato lost a few limbs and all of its flowers. It is sad to see these plants hurt because they were healthy and already blossoming.

Luckily, our 4x4 Movable Garden survived the storm completely unscathed! With the polycarbonate lid down, the garden was completely safe and the hail just bounced off the top. If only the rear windshield of our car was as durable as polycarbonate plastic. We will be waiting in line with every one else to town to have our window replaced.