About Us/Other Greenovision Services

Greenovision, LLC, located in Bozeman, Montana, is co-owned by Mark Pelletier and Emily Varmecky. Mark has a Master's Degree in Architecture as well as over 25 years of building and construction experience. Emily is an avid vegetable gardener and a strong proponent of sustainability. Our main business is Greenovision Home Design, where are custom design beautiful, energy-efficient homes that stand apart from your neighbors. Greenovision Movable Gardens is one of our side projects that grew from our mutual interest in gardening and local food production. Together we grow, hunt, forage, and preserve over half of the food that we eat for the entire year.

Movable Gardens are just one of the many items that we design and build at Greenovision. We enjoy working on a variety of different projects, big and small, including:

residential home design and construction
home remodeling and energy improvements
construction drawings and renderings
design and building of awnings, built-in shelving, railings, benches, and other home details

Please visit www.greenovision.com to view other Greenovision projects.